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Digital Inheritance

SafeKey has been originally developed, alongside including the standard FIDO2 functionalities, to be compatible with SafeHaven's Digital Inheritance platform, Inheriti. The uniqueness of our Security Key, SafeKey is that we use U2F as a Transport Layer for our Secure Storage features and to integrate with our Secure Share Distribution Protocol (SSDP) This documentation contains information about the standard FIDO2 capabilities of our SafeKey and our CS (Custom Storage) features especially developed for secure digital asset distribution.


Visit our Inheriti website by following link and start distribute/transfer your digital assets in a secure way. (patent pending)

To ready more about our different approaches (still being drafted and updated) check out our Community Edition platform Edition to have an idea how secure/decentralized our way of asset distribution is. (see the Platform Edition section by visiting We are currently working on Business Editions that will include IPFS, P2P or any other DLT in conjunction with our SafeKey cold storage devices.

Why use Inheriti?

Digital assets [Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, altcoins] are lost daily. Typically, the loss can be pinned to carelessness, misplacement of private keys, death, and even blockchain failure. The blockchain crypto-space is young, both in age and investor demographic. With it comes a lack of concern regarding the loss of digital assets due to unforeseeable circumstances. Failure to properly log or maintain a private key or passphrase results in a permanent loss of digital assets. This really means a loss of the access point to obtain the assets. One may find themselves at a loss for this necessary data, or their heirs/stakeholders be unaware of digital assets owned and the information to obtain them - should the owner become incapacitated or deceased. Even in such cases where heirs may have access to a holder’s [one who has digital assets] keys, the heirs may not have the skills to retrieve the digital assets themselves. Unfortunately, these scenarios may justify some of the hesitation traditional investors have in choosing cryptocurrency as an investment or store of value.

There is also the issue of a holder’s lack of confidence in sharing his or her private key with others. Storing this information insecurely could lead to physical loss of it [data], theft, or even manipulation of assets. There are many holders within the cryptocurrency market and the many invest with the long-term goal of securing their future and ensuring their family’s financial stability. Digital assets are prone to loss; either by error, foul play, or death.
Inheriti, was built to protect one’s digital legacy and ensure their family/stakeholders can obtain access [only] when necessary. Safe Haven’s platform incorporates cutting edge features and revolutionary technologies utilizing secure blockchain, smart contracts, and patented hardware solutions. These elements allow complete and secure control over digital assets, until such a scenario should arise that would require the insurance of Inheriti to protect those designated by the policyholder.

Who should use Inheriti?

  • Parents (Next-of-kin scenarios)
  • Business owners
  • Investment groups
  • Individuals that want to distribute/share and/or make inheritable their digital assets in a secure way
  • What data can you protect on Inheriti?
  • Passwords (Gmail & Facebook accounts....) see Data Organizer
  • Passphrases (see Data Organizer)
  • Seeds (see Data Organizer)
  • Private Keys (see Data Organizer)
  • Lyrics
  • Any random CBOR data string


More details about the protocol and features can be found at

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